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Our Values

Our drive for self-improvement and commitment to serving others makes us work harder, fight smarter, hold our position more firmly, and advance with a greater sense of purpose and determination.

We have a relentless commitment to outstanding performance – we constantly raise the bar and then rise above it. We are geared to achieving results‚ rather than meaningless sound and fury. Our clients need us to succeed and we do. Failure is not an option.

Performing at the highest level requires passion. We are passionate about the work we do and‚ if we’re not‚ we don’t take it.

It’s been said that “the fate of all time depends on a single moment” – that what we do in that “single moment‚” when faced with an ethical dilemma‚ can define us – or our clients – for a long time. We believe that the ethical practice of our profession is both the right way to do business and the best path for our clients as well.

Working with non-profit organizations in our community‚ personally and as a business‚ is among our core values. We donate both our time and our money and we work at reduced fees and‚ in many cases‚ pro bono for worthwhile organizations that can benefit from our help. No matter how large we grow or how busy we become‚ our commitment to service will never wane.

When we say we’re committed‚ whether to our clients‚ to the causes we believe in‚ to the people in our lives‚ to our values‚ we mean it – 100%.

For more on our values, go to our blog and read “Our Values” by Steven Alschuler.

Pittsburgh Office:
1036 Center Oak Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237