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Professional Services Firms | Communications, Media Relations, & PR

Professional services firms and particularly law firms face unique communications challenges in that virtually all are in highly competitive environments and differentiate themselves on the basis of the skill, experience and expertise of key firm partners or shareholders. A media relations and communications program must be implemented while maintaining client confidentiality, avoiding conflicts and communicating about subject matter that is often highly complex.

Alschuler has worked with numerous law firms, from large firms with global corporate clients to smaller plaintiffs firms. He has lectured about communications before many bar association groups and authored a column for the State Bar News, a publication of the New York State Bar Association.

We understand nuanced business and legal topics and develop programs that support firms’ business development efforts by projecting key individuals as thought leaders. We utilize their knowledge in their practice areas to generate increased visibility in targeted media that resonates with potential clients.

Also, the high quality editorial services we provide can allow clients to take advantage of publication opportunities while relieving them of the burden associated with writing articles.


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