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Spoiling for a Fight

In her book about former New York Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Spoiling for a Fight, 2007, writer Brooke Masters recounts Steve Alschuler’s role in Spitzer’s campaign.

“Eliot [Spitzer] started buying air time for commercials and hired a public relations consultant, Steven Alschuler, to introduce him to the media. . . . The consultant knew that the New York media would be immediately skeptical of a political newcomer with family money to burn, but Alschuler figured that if he could just get the Albany press corp to sit down with Spitzer, they would be as impressed as he was.  By and large, the strategy worked.  Newspapers that had started off describing Spitzer as an afterthought began running pieces about his command and passion for the issues.”


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Communicating Effectively When Bad News Breaks

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This originally was an article written by Steve Alschuler for Law360.

Original article – Law360

Law360, New York (August 19, 2009, 11:13 AM ET) — We recently met with a member of the executive committee of a large, well-known law firm, which had been the subject of a lot of negative media coverage in the wake of some layoffs, partner defections and other cost-cutting measures.

He felt the firm’s actions had been misunderstood and mischaracterized by the media, which had led to misunderstandings and a disintegration of morale within the firm — which in turn threatened to cause more defections and potentially a loss of confidence in the firm by its clients.

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Steve Alschuler writes about crisis communications for O’Dwyer’s PR magazine

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“When crisis strikes, don’t duck and cover”

When crises hits and the media starts calling, there’s often an
impulse simply to dodge the issue at hand, for a variety of
reasons that may seem plausible at the time.

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