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AC client New York Foundling on Juvenile Justice Reform

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States Have Choices for Juvenile Justice Reform

By: Bill Baccaglini and Dr. Sylvia Rowlands, The New York Foundling

March 4, 2015


State and local governments around the country are dealing with issues related to incarceration of juveniles. Several, including New York, are considering proposals that would end sentencing 16- and 17-year-olds as adults and expand alternatives to incarceration for nonviolent offenders.

Wherever these issues are raised, opponents with their own special interests inevitably arise and launch into a steady and predictable drumbeat equating incarceration with public safety. Their message implies that the choice is incarceration or nothing — and that by reducing the number of juveniles who are locked up, we are going to endanger public safety. In fact, the issue is far more nuanced than that.

It’s not incarceration or nothing. In reality, it’s incarceration versus approaches that have already been proven to yield better results.

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Pittsburgh Nonprofit POWER talks about Addiction in the Workplace

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Alschuler Communication’s client POWER, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization helping women in recovery, is featured on NPR radio show Essential Pittsburgh, talking about addiction in the workplace. To listen to the interview with Rosa Davis, Executive Director of POWER click here.

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Pittsburgh Firms Should Seek National Visibility

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By Steven Alschuler on January 22, 2015

In a recent conversation with the general counsel of a middle market, private equity funded company, based in Pittsburgh, the GC expressed some frustration over his board’s insistence that he only use New York-based law firms.  Firms in Pittsburgh were certainly capable of meeting the company’s needs, he said, but simply didn’t have the luster of the New York firms with which his board was familiar.

Pittsburgh is rapidly gaining recognition among national business and media audiences as a city on the move and hot spot for growing companies. These include entities that are be based in Pittsburgh, but serve markets around the world.  They include companies that may have been founded here, but that now have grown to the point where they need to raise equity or debt through either national institutions or public markets. Or they may include businesses that are based elsewhere, but have come to Pittsburgh because of its many attributes: world-class universities that provide a highly skilled workforce, relatively low housing costs, excellent healthcare and cultural institutions that enhance its quality of life.

How do entities like those define themselves? What motivates them? How and where do they receive information and consume news?  How should a Pittsburgh-based firm market to them? What tactics will elevate, define and help build an aura of credibility for anyone seeking to communicate with those potential clients?

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Steven Alschuler in Pittsburgh Business Times

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“Businesses need new voice to educate public”

By Steven Alschuler on Jan 2, 2015, 6:00

Article Source – Pittsburgh Business Times

What do the August Wilson Center for African American Culture and the financial collapse of 2008 have in common?

Both received significant media, government and public attention — the August Wilson Center locally, the financial collapse globally. Both were the subject of high-profile commentary by elected officials, civic leaders and a range of community advocates, most of whom were playing exactly the role they were supposed to play, advocating for the people and interests they represent.

But neither included an effective campaign to educate the public about the sometimes complex business and financial issues at play.

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